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    #14. Respect Within Families

    This Conversation Will Help You…


    1. Name things they view as respectful in significant adults’ relationship
    2. Say (adult) what they do to show respect in their relationship
    3. Say why respect is important, and how it looks to children/young people


    Think About This First

    • This conversation allows for sharing of views about respect. It also encourages thought about respect between parents/guardians and their children.


    Having the Conversation


    Start here:

    How do you know that someone is in a respectful relationship?

    What kinds of things do you see that show you that a relationship is respectful? Are there big ways or small ways?

    What are things people can do to express respect for another person?



    What could you do to show your partner that you respect them?

    What are some ways you could respect your partner that might not be visible to others?

    How could you show your partner respect even when you’re not together? i.e. how you talk about your partner to others?


    Keep Talking:

    What are the benefits of being in a mutually respectful relationship?

    Why is it important for young people to see adults in respectful relationships?

    How do you think parents’ or guardians’ relationships affect young people?

    Do you think that people automatically deserve respect if they are older than you?

    What are some ways that respect can look like between a parent and their child?

    What are ways they could show each other respect?

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